Journey is a time for you to meet your faculty advisor and sign up for classes. You will be introduced to various offices at Kuyper and learn the important roles they will play during your time here. 

    Start your college journey in the right direction by registering for a Journey event this summer! 

    All students are required to attend Journey. Students must pay their $150 enrollment deposit prior to attending Journey. Please contact the Admissions Office with any questions at admissions@kuyper.edu or (616) 988-3632. 



    9:00am Check-in 
    9:15am Breakfast
    10:00am Presentation about Student Life, Business Office, Financial Aid, and IT
    10:15am Group advising session (with faculty) 
    10:45am Class registration (for students) and parent reception. Offices will be open for walk-in meetings.
    11:15am Optional campus tour / time to view Residence Halls. Offices with continue to be open for walk-in meetings. 

    Journey Date:
    Your Name:  
    Intended Major:    
    Phone Number:  
    Email Address:  
    T-shirt Size:
    (you will receive a t-shirt at
     Orientation on August 26th)
    Parent(s)/Guests(s) Attending:
    Name(s) of Parents(s)/Guest(s) Attending:  
    Name(s) of person(s) with dietary  
    restriction and details (if applicable):
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