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    Do you desire to make a difference and impact the world? Kuyper College will equip and prepare you for your future career, help you discern who you are in Christ, and actively learn how to live for, and through, Him.   


    Experience what it means to be a Kuyper student for a day!   

    Our students, faculty and staff are eager to meet you and help you discover how our community might also become yours. Choose a planned campus visit day or set up your own personalized experience.  

    Kuyper Experience Days
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    Come to one of our signature visit days and experience life and community at Kuyper College. 

    A typical Kuyper Experience Day includes…

    8:30 A.M.   Opening Presentation 
      Hear the stories of two current students' experiences at Kuyper
    9:05 A.M.       Visit a Class 
      Meet a professor and get a taste of what a college class is like
    10:10 A.M.      Chapel 
      Join our students, faculty and staff for worship
    10:45 A.M. Campus Tour 
      See our campus through the lens of a current Kuyper student
    12:00 P.M. Lunch 
      Enjoy a complimentary meal in our dining hall with our students, faculty, and staff
    12:40 P.M. Student Life 
      Learn about opportunities to be involved outside the classroom
    1:00 P.M. Professor Visit 
      Meet with a faculty advisor in your program of interest
    1:30 P.M. Closing 
      Receive a free T-shirt as a thank you for visiting

    Please let us know if you would like to meet with a coach, financial aid advisor, or admissions counselor while you are on campus. We will do our best to schedule those appointments.  

    You are invited to join us for a Kuyper Experience Day  
    Kuyper Experience Days Winter/Spring 2015 
    Monday, January 19
    (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)   
    Friday, January 23
    Friday, January 30
    Friday, February 13
    Friday, February 20
    Friday, March 13
    Friday, March 20
    Friday, March 27
    Monday, April 6
    Questions? Contact us at: admissions@kuyper.edu or 616.988.3632
    Individual Visits
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    Experience Kuyper Any Day!  

    You will have the opportunity to let us know what you would like to do on your visit. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.  

    You can choose…

    Admissions Appointment
    Start your visit with an opportunity to talk with your Admissions Counselor about our Christian community, academic programs, and basic financial aid information.

    Visit a Class
    Get a taste of what a college class is like.

    Join our students, faculty and staff for worship.
    Available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:10 A.M.-10:40 A.M.

    Campus Tour
    See our campus through the lens of a current Kuyper student.

    Enjoy a complimentary meal in our dining hall with our students, faculty, and staff.
    Only available for students visiting during the 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M. lunch hour.

    Professor Visit
    Meet with a professor in your program of interest.

    Financial Aid Appointment
    Meet with a financial aid advisor one-on-one.

    Coach Meeting
    Meeting with a coach if you are seriously considering playing a varsity sport at Kuyper.
    Stay Overnight on Campus
    See life outside of the classroom with a current Kuyper student! There is no cost for your lodging and your meals.


    Schedule a Visit   

    Please give us one weeks' notice to arrange your individual visit.   

    Questions? Contact us at: admissions@kuyper.edu or 616.988.3632 

    Overnight Option
    Men's Dorm

    Add to either a Kuyper Experience Day or an individual visit by spending the night on campus with a current student. See what life is like outside the classroom! There is no cost for your lodging or meals. Overnight visits are available the evening before a Kuyper Experience Day or in conjunction with an individual visit. Please give us at least one week to coordinate an overnight visit. Overnight visits are available during the academic school year (mid Sept-April).

    Standard Overnight Visit Schedule:
    4:30 P.M. Meet overnight host and get settled in 
    5:00 P.M. Dinner in the Dining Hall
    6:30 P.M. Spend the evening with your host 
    8:00 A.M. Breakfast in the Dining Hall
    (If attending a Kuyper Experience Day the next morning, you will join our other visitors at 8:30 A.M.) 

    What to Bring? 
    • Sleeping bag 
    • Pillow 
    • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, etc.) 
    • Bath towel 
    • Homework/book for down time 
    Overnight Accommodations 
    We have made arrangements with area hotels to offer your family/guests a special rate while visiting Kuyper. 

    Mention you are visiting Kuyper College to receive these special rates. 

    Country Inn & Suites (Grand Rapids-East)
    Kuyper Rate - $109
    This location is 5 minutes from campus

    SpringHill Suites by Marriott (Grand Rapids Airport Southeast)
    SpringHill Suites
    (Use this special link or mention Kuyper College to receive the special rate)
    Kuyper Rate - $99
    This location is 12 minutes from campus and is near shopping/dining options

    Receive $200 for visiting!

    Receive $200 towards tuition for visiting Kuyper College! 

    For any student who attends a Kuyper Experience Day (or has made arrangements with the Visit Coordinator to qualify an individual visit) before enrolling at Kuyper College, a $200 visit grant will be credited to your tuition account when you begin your studies at Kuyper.  

    Questions? Contact us at: admissions@kuyper.edu or 616.988.3632.  

    Travel on Us

    Travel Reimbursement

    We look forward to hosting you on our campus! If you are a student attending one of our visit days, you may be eligible for up to $400 through our travel reimbursement program and visit grant. Please read through the information below and follow the step-by-step guide to ensure you qualify.

    Kuyper College Visit Grant 

    Any student who attends a visit program prior to enrolling, regardless of distance from campus, will be awarded a $200 visit grant off Kuyper tuition.

    The Travel on Us Program  

    Students who live 200 miles or farther from Kuyper’s campus will receive up to $200 in travel reimbursement once the reimbursement form has been received by the Admissions Office.


    1. Only current high school students (grade 11 or 12) are eligible for the Travel on Us program.
    2. Visitors must attend a Kuyper Experience Day or make arrangements with the Visit Coordinator to qualify during an individualized visit.
    3. Kuyper reimburses student visitors up to $200 for air/bus/train fare or gas expenses for those living more than 200 miles away from the campus. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the student. Air/bus/train fare receipts must be attached to the reimbursement form to receive reimbursement. If driving, route map (Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.) must be attached to the reimbursement form to verify mileage.


    Step-by-Step instructions for participation in the Travel on Us Program  

    1. Contact your Admissions Counselor to discuss your intended visit. This must be done before you make any travel plans in order to qualify for reimbursement.
    2. Register for a Kuyper Experience Day.
    3. Plan your travel:

    If driving: 

    If flying: 

    If taking train: 

    If taking bus: 

    Plan your route to:

    3333 East Beltline NE

    Grand Rapids, MI 49525

    Make sure your flight arrives and departs the Grand Rapids airport (GRR).

    Make sure your train arrives and departs the Grand Rapids Amtrak train station.

    Make sure your bus arrives and departs the Grand Rapids Greyhound bus station.

    Print your driving route, showing the most direct route to campus.

    Retain your flight itinerary/invoice for reimbursement.

    Retain your train itinerary/invoice for reimbursement.

    Retain your bus itinerary/invoice for reimbursement.

    Be sure to confirm arrival and departure times with the Visit Coordinator


    1. When you arrive on campus, give us your reimbursement form with the accompanying documents and enjoy your visit to Kuyper College!

       Travel On Us Program
      (downloadable version) 


    If you will be in town for the evening, we would love for you to look into our Overnight Option. We have also listed some nearby hotel accommodations. 

    Group Visits

    Need an activity to do with your group? We welcome all types of groups on campus including middle school groups, after school program groups, youth groups, and many more.  

    We have a fun, free scavenger hunt around campus. It provides an activity for the students to do, but also allows them to experience the campus in a new and exciting way! In order to serve you best, please contact us two weeks prior to your visit. The scavenger hunt typically lasts about 1 hr 30 min. 

    Schedule a Group Visit  

    Questions? Contact us at: admissions@kuyper.edu or 616.988.3632 


    Contact us at: admissions@kuyper.edu or 616.988.3632  

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