A Whirl After Graduation

Casey Cahoon knows how to multitask. Since graduating from Kuyper in May of 2019, she has been a resident director at a university, a personal banker, earned her master’s degree, and run a successful freelance marketing endeavor. However, no matter where life takes her, she carries the skills she gained and the lessons she learned at Kuyper.

Although born and raised in Plainwell, Michigan, Casey hadn’t heard of Kuyper College until her father, a veteran youth pastor, spoke at an event on campus. “I originally planned on attending another Christian college, but then I scheduled a Kuyper visit. When I walked in, and it instantly felt like home,” she recalled, “I canceled all my other college tours. I knew Kuyper was where I was meant to be.”

Casey also knew what she wanted to major in. “I was a Business Leadership major from the get-go,” she said. However, as she progressed into her studies, she became interested in using the skills she was learning to help churches flourish. “Marketing, specifically social media marketing, became my passion fast. I noticed many churches were struggling with the business and marketing side of things, and I wanted to use my abilities to help,” she said.

Soon after graduating from Kuyper, an opportunity came along. “I wasn’t sure what my next step would be when I got an email from a friend who was a resident director (RD) at the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota. They wanted to hire another RD,” Casey said. This job came with a great benefit: she could earn a master’s degree for free. “So, I decided to go to South Dakota.”

Her time as a resident assistant at Kuyper had prepared her well for this new path. She already had experience engaging with younger students. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she was able to use her social media marketing skills. “I had to get creative with my activities, so with my social media marketing emphasis from Kuyper, I was prepared to come up with new ways of connecting with my students,” she said.

After graduating with her Master of Business Administration degree, Casey started her own freelance consultancy business. She works primarily with churches and non profits, helping them fine-tune their marketing presence. “Home Helpers is a client. They hire caregivers and place them to help individuals with their daily tasks,” she said. “After I helped launch a recruitment program, they went from three applications a month to almost 40.” In addition to her consultancy work, Casey is also a personal banker at a bank in Plainwell.

Casey recently accepted a position as the outreach and discipleship coordinator at her home church, First Baptist Church of Plainwell. She plans to continue this work alongside her freelance and personal banking endeavors. “This is a great next step for me. I love my church, and the Bible and business skills I learned at Kuyper have brought me to the point where I can succeed,” she said.

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