The Annual Fund

Impacting every Kuyper student.

The Annual Fund enhances the education of every Kuyper College student. Tuition doesn't cover the full cost of educating a student. Kuyper relies on support from alumni and friends, private foundations and corporations to help "fill the gap" between tuition revenue and annual operating expenses.

Simply put, support for the Annual Fund provides Kuyper College the opportunity to become the best college it can be and to educate all who come with a desire to learn and benefit from a Christian education. 

Doesn’t tuition cover everything? 

Charging enough tuition to cover total budget expenses would mean that a Kuyper education would be beyond the reach of many students served by the College. The Board of Trustees is committed to educating students who value and desire a Kuyper education, not just those students who can afford to pay full tuition costs.

Who benefits?

The entire Kuyper College community benefits from gifts to the Annual Fund. These gifts allow us to provide:

  • Affordable tuition for all students
  • Additional scholarship support for deserving students
  • Academic programs that integrate faith and learning
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Extra-curricular programs, including ongoing campus activities, intramural programs, and student leadership groups
  • Acquisitions and resources for the Zondervan Library
  • Continuing education opportunities for faculty
  • A safe, spacious and contemporary campus
Why is it important that I participate?

Your charitable support, no matter the amount, influences and transforms lives in our community, state and world. Gifts to the Annual Fund help Kuyper enhance its programs, recruit and retain exceptional faculty and provide a multitude of resources that make a Kuyper education comprehensive and valuable.