Kuyper College Unveils New Loan Repayment Assistance Program

December 11, 2018

Mindful of students’ desire to be able to pay-off incurred education loans after graduation, and to ensure student debt will not stand between students and their future goals, Kuyper College is unveiling the Kuyper Loan Assistance Repayment Program (Kuyper LRAP) in the fall of 2019. The program, which will be made available to all incoming freshmen, provides a safety net for students, by helping graduates repay student loans.

Kuyper is the only College or University in Michigan to provide this program to all their incoming freshmen. The Kuyper LRAP provides substantial assistance to students and parents, helping with student and Parent PLUS loan repayment after graduation, if students do not meet specified income thresholds.


Kuyper LRAP will be provided at no cost to students or families. The assistance will continue until the graduate’s income rises to a level of financial sufficiency, or until their loans are completely paid off. Upon enrollment at Kuyper, students will receive a Kuyper LRAP notification letter from the College, specifying the lower, and upper income thresholds that determine how much assistance they will receive after graduation.

According to Kuyper President, Dr. Patricia Harris, the Kuyper Loan Repayment Assistance Program provides Kuyper’s robust response to student debt concerns. “It empowers our students to study in their desired field with more confidence that student loans will be manageable after graduation,” said Dr. Harris. “Given the mission of our institution, this is a way to proactively address the issue of college affordability and access.”