Academic Honors Convocation

April 26, 2019

In mid-April, Kuyper College students, professors, friends, and families gathered in the Vos Chapel for the annual Academic Honors Convocation, a time to recognize graduating students who have excelled academically. Eleven awards, including four awards from outside organizations, were presented to outstanding students in their field.

For each award, professors in the relevant subject areas offered a few words honoring the recipients and explaining the qualifications that merited the award. Recipients had an opportunity to share reflections on their time at Kuyper. It was a very uplifting time for attendees, professors, and students alike.

Kristen DeNooyer and Seth Morgan each received the Association for Biblical Higher Education Honor Society’s Delta Epsilon Chi Award, which honors students who exemplify intellectual achievement, Christian character, and leadership ability. The name of the award, Delta Epsilon Chi, lists the first Greek letters for each word in the phrase “Approved in Christ” from Romans 16:10. DeNooyer and Morgan have lived out this phrase in their time at Kuyper.

Because of his exemplary Christian character, academic achievement, and dedication to excellence in the practice of youth ministry, Isaac Riddle received the Association of Youth Ministry Educators Award. In his acceptance speech, Riddle reflected on how, when he first arrived at Kuyper, he would not have considered himself an excellent student. But, over the years, he grew to love learning and developed a passion for youth ministry that he never thought was possible.

Professors presented students with several other awards, including the Greek Language Award, Business Leadership Award, and Student Service Award. After the awards were presented, students received their academic cords, which they will wear at the Commencement ceremony.