Kuyper College Now Able to Share Library Materials Statewide

January 16, 2019

Kuyper College Zondervan Library now participates in MeLCat, or the Michigan eLibrary Catalog, an online network of Michigan libraries sharing resources with each other. Through this participation, Kuyper students are now able to access materials from over 400 other Michigan libraries.

Materials can be requested from other libraries in the MeLCat system, which are sent to Kuyper’s Zondervan Library for pick up. This gives students and faculty access to a wealth of new materials for personal and professional use while allowing patrons of other libraries access to materials from Zondervan Library. “We view this not only as a professional activity, but as a ministry activity. It’s evangelism, spreading the Word of God to people across the state who may or may not have access to it. It’s not just a library initiative. I view it as a mission, and it supports the mission of the college,” said Michelle Norquist, Kuyper’s Director of Library Services.

Norquist has received very positive feedback. A patron who borrowed Kuyper materials through MeLCat contacted the Kuyper’s library to ask about buying the book he had borrowed because he was interested in becoming a Christian.

Participating in MeLCat has been a long-term goal of the Zondervan Library. Since Kuyper joined the program in June, Norquist estimates they have loaned approximately 1,500 books to other libraries. The books loaned cover a wide variety of topics, but a few of the more popular topics are biblical studies, Christian living, theological and Reformed worldview materials, English as a Second Language, and social work.

Kuyper librarians continue to prioritize the needs of Kuyper students, helping them learn how to use MeLCat to benefit their studies and spiritual growth, while providing valuable resources to other library users throughout Michigan.