Kyle Kotrch Becomes Senior Pastor of Comstock Park Church

February 26, 2019

Kyle Kotrch, Kuyper class of 2013 recently accepted a position as senior pastor at the Wesleyan church plant; The Story Community Church in Comstock Park, Michigan.

Kotrch grew up in Kentwood. He went to church, but he didn’t really know Jesus. When Kortch was about 15, his parents divorced, causing him to question his faith. Two mentors started walking with him closely, and at age 16, Kotrch accepted Jesus as his Savior.

Kotrch attended Grand Rapids Community College for two years to pursue his dream of being a police officer. He wrestled with God’s call to ministry. Finally, he decided to “give God one semester,” and he applied at Kuyper College. After attending his first class, Contemporary Youth Culture with Dr. Richelle White, Kyle says, “I was sold.”

Kotrch was challenged by professors to figure out not just what he believed, but why he believed it. He used those questioning skills after graduating when he became Family Leadership Pastor at New Life Community Church in Wayland, Michigan. He spent three years there, building a youth ministry and children’s ministry program. After that, he was the Middle School Youth Pastor at Cornerstone Church for just over 2 years.

Kotrch started his new position as senior pastor in November of 2018. He is excited to work out the differences and similarities between youth leadership and senior pastoral leadership. One skill that has transferred is the skill of questioning that he learned at Kuyper. Kotrch wants to bring people in the congregation deeper into their faith, like the professors at Kuyper did for him.

His goal for the church is “to move from just hearing the story Jesus to living the story.”