Spring Arbor University’s & Kuyper College Students Benefit from Partnership

August 14, 2019

On July 17, four Kuyper alumni were among the graduates honored at Spring Arbor University's Masters’ of Social Work pinning ceremony. They all finished the Spring Arbor MSW program at the school’s new satellite location at Kuyper College.

Spring Arbor University’s Grand Rapids campus relocated to Kuyper in the spring of 2019. The university connected with Kuyper through Social Work professor Greg Scott. When he learned Spring Arbor was having trouble finding a permanent Grand Rapids location, he encouraged them to contact Kuyper. 

According to Spring Arbor’s site coordinator and student coach Tom Aldrich, “every box was checked, and the partnership turned out to be a perfect fit.” He added that Kuyper is centrally located for Spring Arbor’s student population, and both the students and faculty value the opportunity to learn and teach in a collegiate environment instead of the office space they had rented before. For its part, Kuyper has worked hard to ensure that the students and faculty feel at home in their new environment. “Kuyper has been amazing. It’s over and above what I could have expected. The level of kindness, the concern for us as a university and our students. It’s just been over the top,” said Aldrich.

Spring Arbor University offers Masters’ programs designed for working adults. Each class meets one evening a week for four hours. Two of their more popular programs are their Masters’ of Social Work program and Masters’ of Counseling program. 

Because of the strength of Kuyper’s SW program—one of the top SW programs in the state of Michigan, Graduates of Kuyper graduates can apply for the one-year fast-track MSW program at Spring Arbor instead of the regular two-year program. Saving both time and money. In fact, two Kuyper alumni started the one-year fast-track MSW program at Spring Arbor in August. 

The partnership has benefitted both Spring Arbor University and Kuyper College students by offering convenient, affordable Masters’ degree options.