Student Scholar Day

April 23, 2019

Kuyper students demonstrated their academic skills at Kuyper College’s annual Student Scholar Day on Friday, April 12, a day that once a year gives students the opportunity to share their academic projects with the Kuyper community.

Eighteen poster portfolios lined the first and second floor atriums discussing topics like “Cultural Attitudes and the Autism Spectrum,” “Facing the Stigma: Cleft Lips and Palates in the Asian Pacific Region,” and “Jihad vs. McWorld: How Middle Eastern and Western Culture Influence Each Other.” One poster portfolio was titled “The Cyclic Nature of Center City Poverty.” This piece discussed the sense of powerlessness that feeds into the cycle of poverty from generation to generation. Even in some situations where an impoverished area experienced an increase of income, rates of depression and anxiety, which are prevalent in people experiencing poverty, remained the same. According to the poster, urban programs like Grand Rapids’ Heartside Ministry that focus on employment tend to be more effective to help break the cycle of poverty.

Students gave fourteen verbal presentations, including topics like “Not a Single Story: Narrative, the Unmarried, and the Church,” “What is ASMR, and Should it be Used in Therapy?,” and “Banishments, Burnings, Beards, and Bears: the Spanish Reformation You’ve Never Heard of.” A group of students presented on “How Do Celebrity Deaths due to Mental Illness Affect Young Adults?” The presenters observed that the number of calls to the National Suicide Hotline tended to spike when a celebrity died by suicide. They then surveyed students to ask how celebrity suicides affected them and found that often they made students feel sad or shocked.

Overall, Student Scholar Day created an opportunity for the Kuyper community to learn about important issues that are relevant to today’s world and how to interact with those issues in a gospel-centered way.