Welcome to Kuyper College

Interim President Zylstra

Welcome. I know you’re only looking at our website now but I do hope I’ll be able to meet you personally very soon.

Kuyper College is a unique institution. Accredited at the highest levels, we maintain a very personal and specific focus on ministry-directed higher education. Within the context of our many professional majors, we keep the Bible central, Reformed theology as our core, and a spiritual dynamic on campus that invigorates our daily experience. At Kuyper College, the practical application of the Bible’s message motivates us to make the grace of God real, tangible, and helpful in whatever context or profession you may find yourself. 

Maybe you are considering enrolling.  Maybe you are considering giving your financial support. Or perhaps you are just simply curious about our college.  In any case, please make yourself at home on our website. 

Better yet, email us at advancement@kuyper.edu, give us a call, or just stop by. We’d love to talk with you more about the Kuyper Difference. 

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Carl Zylstra
Interim President
Kuyper College