Assessment of Student Learning

At Kuyper College, we are committed to providing an excellent education. In an effort to maintain a high level of education achievement, we have developed five Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for all our students. The assessment of SLOs not only helps measure progress, but also ensures that we are serving our students while using our resources wisely.

Our Approach 

Ongoing assessment of Kuyper's SLOs helps provide evidence that a Kuyper education—in whichever programs students choose—cultivates and equips them with the values, knowledge and skills to serve effectively in Christ's world.

At Kuyper, we engage a broad assessment process utilizing both direct and indirect measures, some of which include locally developed, as well as adaptations of nationally published guidelines, national surveys, and both student and faculty anecdotal evaluation of student learning. Students encounter both formative and summative assessments in the arts and sciences core, the Bible and theology core, and in their specialized programs.

Kuyper faculty gathers each May to focus on one SLO through the evaluation of student work and shared testimony of student learning. This intensive annual assessment event launches the faculty into the next academic year with affirmations of what is successfully equipping students in their education as well as targeted areas for improvement. These growth areas are tracked and followed up on, allowing Kuyper to continue in an ongoing cycle of evaluation and improvement to ensure the quality of our education.