Graduate Program

Master of Ministry

Designed for the demands of modern life, you can complete this program without disrupting your present ministry or career. The program features three key distinctives. Innovative—enhances your current ministry while equipping you for the future. Unique—values your current work setting as a learning community. Integrated—combines the best of academic thought and applied learning experiences to create a vibrant learning environment.

This 36-hour graduate program is grounded in biblical and theological studies enabling you to engage contemporary and relevant ministry challenges ranging from financial matters to discipleship and spiritual formation. Utilizing online and hybrid classes, you will have opportunities to work with your instructors and your peers to challenge conventional thinking and explore new ideas; and then put them into practice. Your learning platform will include multiple communication channels including video conferencing, digital communications and seminars. Each course will help you explore the challenges of leading in the midst of a rapidly shifting culture.


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  • Career Opportunities

    The Master of Ministry program equips you for a wide variety of positions in a church, parachurch, missions, non-profit, or other ministry settings. Possible careers include:

    Bible Teacher
    Church Planter
    Youth Minister 


    The coursework for the Master of Ministry program consists of a 36-credit degree comprised of six required core courses, a capstone course, and the choice of five specialty courses. The core and capstone courses are all offered as hybrid courses.  Some of the specialty courses are hybrid and some are fully online. The implementation of an e-portfolio will facilitate the collection of student work developed across the curriculum. Course offerings will be 8-weeks in length.

    Core Seminars—Hybrid Courses—18 credits hours

    • Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament
    • Preaching and Teaching the New Testament
    • Discipleship & Spiritual Formation
    • Pastoral Counseling & Care
    • Contemporary Theological Issues
    • Mission of the Church
    Specialized Seminars

    Choice of five Hybrid and Online Courses—15 credit hours

    Because of the intentional practical nature of the program, both the core and specialized courses are focused on the most relevant topics in ministry. Specialized courses include:

    • Financial Management in Ministry
    • Leadership Strategies & Development
    • Models of Ministry
    • Towards a Biblical Theology of Discipleship
    • Human Development
    • Technology & Transformation
    • Cultural Dynamics Influencing Ministry
    • Ministry to At-Risk Youth


    Capstone Project— 3 Credit Hours

    You will develop an e-portfolio compiled throughout your Master of Ministry program. The final Capstone course is your reflection on your past work, your growth during the program and the development of your future ministry plans.

  • Admissions Requirements

    Complete the Graduate Studies online application

    Submit Official Transcripts from all previous colleges attended

    • GPA of 2.75 or better needed for Unconditional Admission
    • GPA below 2.75 Conditional Admission can be granted.  Student must complete 9 credits hours of coursework with a GPA of 2.75 of higher to continue in the program


    Provide a professional reference from previous or current ministry supervisor (The application will ask for this person’s name and email address)

    Submit with your application a 1-2 page essay describing your educational goals and reasons for applying to the graduate program.

  • Tuition and Fees

    $450 per credit hour

    $0 Fees

    All Classes are 3 credit hours

    Payment for classes is due in full before each class begins.  Payment options are available.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid Grants and Scholarships are not available for graduate students.

    Federal Direct Loans are available for students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)