Our Resources and Collection

One of the special collections within the Zondervan Library is the Zondervan Collection. The library is privileged to be a repository for books published by the Zondervan Publishing House. The fact that Zondervan chose Kuyper College to serve as one of its two repositories is an affirming tribute to the college’s mission.

About Our Resources

The Library’s collection of print and electronic resources meets the needs of students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public as they pursue academic and personal growth. Access to research databases for students is permitted by password authentication. Emphasis is placed on acquiring resources that support the curriculum and the mission of the college.

In addition, the Library gives students, faculty and staff access to resources on a national scale through interlibrary loan programs with other institutions across the United States. The Zondervan Library is a member of the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services and the Christian Library Consortium.