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Exceptionally Affordable

At Kuyper, “Affordability” is our standard. So, if you’re thinking, “how am I going to afford college?” Then you’ve come to the right place. If you add our lower tuition rates, grants, scholarships, tuition credits, and loan repayment guarantees, there’s a real possibility you can graduate with little or no debt.

How to afford Kuyper?

100% of Kuyper students receive financial aid averaging $21,953 per student per year. So, you can breathe easier as you realize that college does not seem like a far-off dream. At Kuyper, the components of affordability are simple and easy to understand.

Lower Tuition

Kuyper tuition rates are significantly lower than comparable Christian colleges—an average of $4,000 less per year.


Kuyper offers a range of GPA-based scholarships of up to $8,000 per year, as well as a broad range of additional scholarships ranging from $500-$5,000 per year.


As a Work College Kuyper resident students receive up to $8,100 in tuition credits per year. You will graduate with both an academic transcript and a work transcript. It details your work experience for future employers, giving you a valuable edge in today’s competitive job market.

State of Michigan and Federal Grants

Available to all students, provide thousands of dollars per year in additional funding.

Tuition Freeze

Tuition for first-year students will remain the same for four years and for transfer students up to four years.

One of the most critical elements of my success at Kuyper was the direct help of the Financial Aid Office. Their hard work vastly improved my financial position.

Noah Matthysse

Hudsonville, Michigan


At Kuyper, we want to ensure that student debt will not stand between you and your future goals. We are the only college in Michigan providing the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (KuyperLRAP) to all incoming freshmen, at no cost to them or their families. The KuyperLRAP will pay up to 100% of your student loans if your income at graduation is less than $38,000.

And There’s More

The Kuyper Financial Office will work together with you to find additional private scholarships and grants from community foundations, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

I am deeply grateful for scholarships that helped me afford my education. Kuyper went way beyond so, I would not have to go into significant debt.

Ben Hoekman

Holland, Michigan


Majors & Programs

You will graduate with professional and biblical skills to think critically, communicate effectively as a Christ-centered leader.


You will graduate with both an academic and a work transcript detailing your work experience for future employers.


We invite you to explore Kuyper College to see if it could be where God wants to mold and shape you.

Plan A Visit

Our students, faculty, and staff are eager to meet you and help you discover how our community might also become yours.

Financial Aid

Tuition for first-year students will remain the same for four years and transfer students up to four years.


Kuyper College, community foundations, Federal and State Programs award thousands of dollars in scholarships and grants.

Residence Life

You will find comfortable and spacious suites at Schaal and Timmer Halls and Holts Apartments.

Spiritual Development

The Kuyper community will help you grow spiritually as you seek God’s direction for your life.