Kuyper College Freezes Tuition

Keeping Christian College Education Affordable: Kuyper College Freezes Tuition

March 3, 2020 – Kuyper College announced today that it will freeze tuition for new full-time students entering the College in the Fall 2020 semester. Published tuition for new and transfer students entering the College will remain the same for four years for freshmen and up to four years for transfer students depending on their class standing at transfer. Current students will also benefit from this freeze.

“We are committed to helping our students and their families make a Kuyper College education as affordable as possible,” said Dr. Patricia Harris, Kuyper’s President. “This is the latest of several initiatives over the past few years that we have taken to increase affordability and access for our students.”

A Comprehensive Plan for College Affordability

Kuyper has developed a comprehensive plan to help students and families with the costs of college. There are four key components to this plan:

  • Competitive published tuition rates
  • Substantial financial aid awards
  • On-campus employment that serves both, the educational and financial needs of students
    Support to lower and repay college-related debt

Competitive Tuition Rates—Published tuition rates are significantly lower than comparable Christian colleges—an average of $5,000 less per year. Now, with this new freeze, it will make Kuyper even more affordable and financial planning for college more predictable for families.

Substantial Financial Aid—100% of Kuyper Students receive financial aid—an average of $17,897 per year—through grants, scholarships, State and Federal Assistance programs. Kuyper is also intentional about keeping student debt as low as possible. In fact, a recent study by LendEDU ranks Kuyper the lowest in student debt at graduation among all Michigan colleges and universities. In a similar study, also conducted by LendEDU, Kuyper was ranked one of the best colleges in the nation for financial aid.

KuyperWorks—After a one-year pilot, in the fall of 2019 Kuyper launched a four-year program that guarantees on-campus jobs for resident students and provides them with workplace and career readiness skills for post-graduation employment. Students in the program are paid $15 per hour—from which they receive a stipend with the balance applied to reduce tuition.

A Financial Safety Net—For the past two years, The Kuyper Loan Repayment Assistance Program has been providing a safety net for students by helping to repay loans after graduation if a graduate’s income does not meet a specified threshold—presently $38,000. Kuyper is one of only two colleges in Michigan to make this program available to all incoming freshmen at no cost to students or their families.

“Our strong and comprehensive plan for college affordability,” said Dr. Harris, “is one of the reasons why College Consensus ranks Kuyper College # 1 nationally in Student Satisfaction among all Christian colleges and universities, and Wallet Hub ranks Kuyper at No. 6, among the Top 10 Best Colleges in Michigan.”

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