Kuyper Service Award Recognition - Campus Operations

The Kuyper College Service Award is presented to a recipient or recipients who have exhibited the spirit and work of the College’s mission statement through lifelong service. Whether those honored are faculty, alumni, or friends of the College, they all have demonstrated a dedicated vision to share the love, hope, and Word of Christ throughout His creation.

This past March, it was announced that the entire faculty and staff of Kuyper College would be recognized in 2021. This decision was made to commemorate the extraordinary efforts made and challenges faced by all employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Patricia Harris, President of Kuyper College, said, “Together, we have done our very best to foster the community we value at Kuyper, even while we’ve had to work remotely and limit our in-person gatherings. This award is our way of expressing our deep gratitude to each of you.”

Each month of this school year, a different office within the college will be spotlighted for special recognition. During the month of September, that department is Campus Operations. Though much of their work happens behind the scenes, it is extremely valuable. Those in this office keep the inner workings of the college functioning well. This involves maintenance of the building and grounds, campus safety, as well as facilitating reservations of the College facilities. With the presence of COVID-19, it also includes keeping everyone safe through increased cleaning and sanitizing.

Within Campus Operations are several essential members. Ray Thomas is the Director of Campus Operations and has been with Kuyper for the past three years. Tim Chupp is the Supervisor of Maintenance and has worked with Kuyper for 36 years. Joel Huizinga is Kuyper’s longtime Custodian, having served the College since 1993. The community at Kuyper is extremely grateful for the work that each does to keep the College functioning like a well-oiled machine.

But the work that these individuals do extends beyond their day-to-day tasks. “Working with the students, seeing them mature through their years, is one of my favorite parts of the job. And KuyperWorks allows us to work with students to teach and model to them what good work ethic, integrity, and accountability is,” said Ray Thomas. Joel Huizinga added, “I enjoy watching the students mature and grow spiritually in the Christian faith and become future Kingdom workers.”

Each of these recipients have set an example for everyone at the College. By receiving this Award, they show their dedication and modesty in service, which encourages the entire Kuyper College community.

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