Ora Et Labora: Brittany Aldridge

After graduating from Kuyper in 2017, Brittany Aldridge worked for a time in marketing. 

“My job led me to see people as products, which wasn’t great,” she recalled. “But I still tried to represent Christ in my work as well as I could.”

Still, she added, she hoped for a career that would allow her to minister in a more direct way.

What happened next was an answer to prayer, and Aldridge shared her story with the Kuyper community on January 19 as part of Ora Et Labora, a weekly time where speakers come to campus to talk about their work and how their faith impacts that work. 

Aldridge majored in Business Leadership at Kuyper, and she now works as a Donor Relations Associate for Words of Hope, a Grand Rapids-based nonprofit that works to provide everyone with access to the Bible in their own language.

At Words of Hope, Aldridge said, she is able to support the many people who are spreading the good news of the Gospel in their own countries, the citizens who are doing the day-to-day work of ministry where they live. 

“We partner with people who are from persecuted countries in different ways,” she said. This includes television, radio, social media and more.

Many of the people Aldridge’s work supports are unable to express their faith openly in their home countries for fear of violence or marginalization. This happens at the hands of both repressive governments and ordinary citizens. “A coworker of mine actually had to flee his home country in fear for his life,” she said. 

The knowledge that the people she serves bear the image of God is what drives Aldridge to continue her work. 

“No matter where they’re from, these are people that God loves and cares for. I do what I can to support and love them as Jesus would,” she said.

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