Paul Buiten Receives the Kuyper Service Award

At the Kuyper College Spring Gala on April 25, Paul Buiten accepted the Kuyper College Service Award. This award is presented to a recipient or recipients who have exhibited the spirit and work of the College’s mission statement through lifelong service. Whether those honored are faculty, alumni, or friends of the College, they all have demonstrated a dedicated vision to share the love, hope, and Word of Christ throughout His creation. By accepting this award, the recipients set an example of dedication and modesty in service that encourages the Kuyper College community.

Dr. Patricia Harris, president of Kuyper College, presented the  award. In her speech to Gala attendees, she introduced Mr. Buiten and why Kuyper chose him to be this year’s recipient.. “I am so pleased to present this award tonight,” she said, “to Paul Buiten for his lifelong commitment to serving others within every square inch of God’s kingdom.”
Ken Capisciolto, Vice President for College Advancement, also addressed Mr. Buiten; “Paul, we’re grateful for you. You’re a living testimony of stewardship. We’re grateful for your example and that we can learn from you.”

Mr. Buiten’s devotion to service began at a very young age, observing the example set for him by his parents. Each time his father received a paycheck, they would set aside 10% for the church and 10% for Christian education, living off the remainder. Dr. Harris said, “That rhythm in his life impacted Paul and his view of stewardship.”

After graduating from Calvin College and the University of Michigan Business School, Paul became a CPA. He later purchased half of a small insurance agency, now known as Buiten & Associates, LLC, and expanded it from 5 employees to 45. From early on in his career, he used the resources God blessed him with to support several nonprofit organizations. As his business grew, so did his commitment to service.

Paul and Kuyper have enjoyed a close relationship for decades. It began when he took the College on as an insurance client but has deepened over the years. He cares profoundly for the Kuyper community and loves engaging with our alumni. He has a unique opportunity to do this, as several are on staff at his church, Cascade Fellowship CRC.

In closing, Dr. Harris said, “Tonight, we celebrate Paul Buiten and his commitment to Christian stewardship, as well as the extraordinary care and support he has provided to our College and so many other Christian organizations.”

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