Servant Leadership, Environmental Stewardship and the National Parks

For Kuyper professor Marc Andreas, there is more to being a Christian businessperson
than simply making money.     

In fact, he teaches his Business Leadership students that Christians in business actually have three bottom lines to be concerned with: people, planet and profit. This idea, known as the Triple Bottom Line, has become a key component of the program over the years.

“In the Business Leadership program, we talk often about the social and environmental responsibilities, in addition to financial ones, that we have as Christians,” he said.

But what happens when the environment itself is the product?

That question sparked the creation of Kuyper’s biennial Leadership in the National Parks class, which took place in May and helps students consider what it means to lead an organization that is specifically focused on caring for God’s creation.

Every other year since the class’s inception in 2018, students have spent three days in the classroom, learning about the parks and their history, before traveling west to visit several in person. 

“While we’re there, we meet with park leaders to learn what it’s like to lead and manage a national park,” said Andreas. “We cover things like human resources, training, accounting, marketing, social media and strategic planning.”

The group also spends plenty of time experiencing the parks firsthand through hikes and tours, though the ultimate goal is to get students thinking about practicing servant leadership and environmental stewardship when running an organization.

And all of this is made possible in part through a partnership with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP), an organization that provides Christian community for those working in, living in and visiting America’s national parks.

ACMNP was founded in Yellowstone National Park in 1951 and today ministers in 25 national parks, stretching from Alaska to the Virgin Islands.

This year, the Kuyper group visited Yosemite, Sequoia and Pinnacles national parks, as well as several state parks in California. There is also another iteration of the class that studies parks in the Rocky Mountains, and the two versions of the class alternate from year to year.

No matter where participants travel, however, the class leaves a lasting impression. 

Freshman Emily Karsten reflected on her experience, and she said the joy and peace she felt experiencing God’s creation in the national parks took her by surprise.

“I felt the world stop in its axis and melt all of my thoughts and worries away,” she said. “I’ve been to several national parks before, and I always get the same feeling where nothing else matters, as if I am held in God’s hands and can physically feel my fear of the Lord. He is great beyond measure and the national parks prove that.”

A 2024 Kuyper graduate, Lance McDonald, sounded similar notes.

“It was more than just a series of trips to beautiful places; it was a transformative experience that enriched my understanding of the world and my place in it,” he said. “The natural wonders we witnessed, the cultural insights we gained, and the personal connections we made all contributed to a profound appreciation for the beauty and complexity of life.”

Andreas loves to hear it.

“Our students definitely get impacted by the grand nature of seeing God’s incredible creation in these places. It’s really quite something,” he said.

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