Residence and Community Life

College is much more than a pursuit of information and getting a diploma. It is an opportunity for personal and relational growth as you are challenged to form deeper relationships, develop life skills, and most importantly, find the answer to one of life’s biggest questions: “Who am I”?

While this process of growth can happen through different college experiences, you will probably experience it most intensely through Residence Life. So think about living on campus!

We offer comfortable, well-maintained campus housing at Schaal Hall, Timmer Hall, Holt Apartment, and the Life Together Living and Learning Community. Schaal and Timmer Halls are accessible buildings. A trained Residence Life staff member lives on campus among students seeking to engage them socially, spiritually, emotionally and academically. 

Timmer and Schaal Residence Halls

The traditional halls at Kuyper are set up into a series of suites—every two living areas share one bathroom. Each living area is equipped with two desks, two bookshelves and two beds, all of which are stackable. In addition, each living area has a large closet area with two sets of drawers for storage.

Click here to view the Traditional Hall Floor Plan.

Community amenities in the residence halls include a common kitchen area for cooking, a computer lab and printer and free laundry facilities.

There is also a lounge in each of the buildings where students are free to study or hang out. The lounge is equipped with cable TV. 

Holt Apartments

The Holt Apartments are reserved for upperclassmen and older students. Each apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and can house up to five people. There is also a laundry room in the building—laundry is free for on-campus students.

Click here to view the Holt Apartment Floor Plan.

Living-Learning Community - Life Together LLC

The Life-Together Living Learning Community (LLC) is a housing option available to sophomore, junior and senior-level students. The LLC members live in a Kuyper-owned house adjacent to the residence halls. The LLC surrounds its members with the support and encouragement of community, while at the same time providing unique opportunities for learning that will enhance and complement their understanding of Christian leadership.

Throughout the year, the LLC members engage in practical community living through activities such as prayer, study of scripture, accountability, discussion, shared meals and shared responsibilities within the living space. Additionally, the students in the LLC participate in activities such as book discussions, seminars and service-learning opportunities designed to facilitate self-discovery and academic development. 

  • Residence Life Staff

    The members of our Residence Life Staff include a resident director, resident assistants, and living learning community Interns.

    Resident Director

    The resident director is a Kuyper full-time staff member who lives on campus with the students and is responsible for supervising the resident assistants. The role of the resident director is to create an environment where students don't simply survive college, but thrive academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.

    Mike McCarty
    Coordinator of Vocation, Calling and Community Life
    Phone: 616.988.3734




    Resident Assistants

    Resident assistants (RAs) are student-leaders who live on each floor of the residence halls. They are responsible for challenging and serving their floor community to grow and mature as people of God. RAs help students acclimate to campus living and are trained to connect residents to appropriate resources to ensure their success at Kuyper. RAs seek to build a sense of community on their floors and on campus through event planning, intentional conversations and a ministry of presence. 

    Living Learning Community Intern

    The Living Learning Community (LLC) Mentor is a live-in professional who work and live with members of the LLC in a shared house. The intern provides leadership and direction to LLC content, guiding students in leadership and community development through mentoring, modeling and facilitation of the LLC curriculum.

    Damaris DeRuiter
    Living Learning Community Mentor

  • Apply for Housing

    Housing Application

    Housing applications received by May 1 (for Fall Semester) and December 15 (for Winter Semester) will be given priority roommate pairing. Housing applications will be accepted following the priority deadline until housing is full.

    In addition to your application, we also request that you include a housing deposit to hold your room/apartment on campus. The housing application fee is $200, which is refundable once you move out of the residence halls.

    If you have questions regarding Kuyper's housing, please contact Resident Director Mike McCarty.

  • Housing Requirements

    In order to facilitate learning and to maintain a strong sense of community at Kuyper , full-time students are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the following criteria:

    • The student has junior status or higher
    • The student is at least 21 years of age
    • The student lives with immediate family
    • The student is married
    • The student has requested and received an exemption from Resident Director Mike McCarty

    Students may live in the traditional halls until they are 25 year old. Students 25 years or older who desire to live in the traditional halls must obtain prior approval from Resident Director Mike McCarty.