Alternative Loans

Alternative loans (also known as private loans) are available to help students meet educational costs not covered by federal, state, institutional or personal resources. These loans are provided by private lending institutions, as opposed to the federal government.  

    Alternative Loans:

         -  Typically require a co-signer
         -  Require a credit check and/or low debt-to-income ratio
         -  Accrue interest while you are in school
         -  May require payment while you are in school
         -  Have fixed or variable rates

The Financial Aid Office at Kuyper offers a Preferred Lender List. This list is comprised of lenders who we have confidence in and trust their level of customer service and benefits.

The use of the Preferred Lender List is not required. Students may choose any lender. If this happens, the student should make the Financial Aid Office aware of the lender information so that the loan can be certified. Kuyper College will not delay processing for a loan that is not from one of the preferred lenders.

Additional Alternative Private Loan Information