WorkPlace Partners

Kuyper Student WorkPlace Partnership - A KuyperWorks Program

The Kuyper WorkPlace Partnership is a new and innovative approach by Kuyper College to provide Christian higher education for students in West Michigan. WorkPlace partners are leading organizations in making higher education accessible and affordable to students from all backgrounds. The program has a projected launch date of Fall of 2021.

  • Urban - Study and learn together with a diverse group of students in the city.
  • Affordable - When KuyperWorks compensation is added to federal and state aid, students can graduate from Kuyper with little to no debt. 
  • Purpose - With options for both 2-year Associates' and 4-year Bachelors' degree in Business Leadership, students can learn about and find the type of position and industry where you will thrive! 
  • Christ-centered higher education - Students learn and are rooted in a Christian worldview as a foundation for their whole life. 


WorkPlace Partner’s Role

  • WorkPlace partners welcome qualified students from Kuyper to fill part-time entry-level positions at their organizations.
  • These students will be in the program for 2-4 years working towards a college degree built on practical education that integrates classroom and workplace learning.
  • The students’ wages from the job together, with federal & state aid, will cover the major portion of Kuyper tuition costs—making it affordable and allowing students to graduate with little to no debt.
  • Students start in an entry-level position at an hourly rate of $15.

Kuyper’s Role

  • Kuyper will use a workplace-learning cohort model with up to 25 full-time students,
    each with a job lined up prior to enrollment.
  • Kuyper will offer Associates’ and Bachelors’ degrees in Business Leadership.
  • While this new educational model has been successful in other states, Kuyper will be
    the first college in Michigan to offer this opportunity to students.


For more information

Contact Professor Marc Andreas, Program Director and Associate Professor, Business Leadership at