Student Financial Aid Stories

We hope through the stories of these Kuyper students, you may be able to find a situation similar to yours. This will help you have an idea of what your financial aid package may look like.

Tim's Story 

Tim receives $15,000 in gift aid, $6,500 in loans and has a work-study job. His mother is also in college full time, and his parents are paying private school tuition for his younger siblings. He receives Kuyper’s highest academic scholarship in addition to receiving special awards through Kuyper such as the Christian Leadership and Multicultural Scholarships.  

Aisha's Story

Aisha commutes to Kuyper from her home. Her dad works full time and her mom works part time. Although she is not eligible for a Federal Pell Grant, Aisha receives the highest possible academic scholarship from Kuyper. Her grants and scholarships total $14,600, and her loans $6,500. All of her costs are covered by financial aid. 

Leanne's Story

Leanne took some time off from college and is now returning to finish her degree. She commutes instead of living on campus. The amount she is able to contribute toward her college education is relatively low, so she is able to receive full state and federal funding. She also receives an academic scholarship from Kuyper. She receives $11,000 in gift aid and $12,500 in loans.

David's Story

David is married with no children, and his wife works full time. His work is limited due to being a full time student. Through the FASFA, their estimated family contribution was calculated as being fairly high. While he does not qualify for an academic scholarship or a Federal Pell Grant, he still is eligible for $6,600 in gift aid and $12,500 in loans.

Nicolas' Story

Nicolas lives and works on campus and loves the Kuyper community. He comes from a one-parent household, where his estimated family contribution is quite low. He is not a Michigan resident and does not receive any academic scholarships; however, he is able to receive other scholarships and grants totaling $14,500 and loans of $5,500.

Rebecca's Story

Rebecca is a Michigan resident and loves living on campus. One of her parents was recently unemployed. She receives an academic scholarship, along with federal, state and other institutional grants that total $13,600. She also receives $7,500 in loans. Rebecca also uses earnings from her on-campus job to assist with her expenses.