Tuition and Fees

Exceptional Value 

When looking at which college to attend, you should be sure you are making a wise investment. At Kuyper College, we place a special emphasis on making a high-quality Christian college education as affordable as possible. This keeps our tuition costs significantly lower than many other Christian colleges. This affordable education, combined with an education that is focused on preparing Christian leaders to make a difference, makes Kuyper an exceptional value.

Annual Costs Summary (2018-2019)
Full-time Tuition (12-17 credit hours) $21,314 per year
Room and Board (15 meals/week) $7,285 per year
Fees $675 per year
of students receive financial aid and scholarships.
Average financial aid package
1 in 3
Students work on campus
So what is my actual cost? 
    Tuition and Fees
+  Room and Board 
-  Scholarships and Grants
-  Loans
= Balance

While your financial aid is packaged for the year, it is split by semester and you are billed on a semester basis as detailed in the costs below.

Your balance is due in full for the Fall Semester by August 25 and for the Winter Semester by January 1.

If you opt for the payment plan through AES (Advanced Education Services), your payment will be automatically withdrawn as shown below: 

Fall Semester
August 25:          40% due
September 25:    20% due
October 25:         20% due
November 25:     20% due

Winter Semester
January 1:             40%  due
February 1:           20%  due
March 1:               20%  due
April 1:                  20%  due

Detailed Costs Breakdown (2018-2019)
Full-time Tuition (12-17 credit hours) $10,657 per semester
Part-time Tuition (1-11 credit hours) $950 per credit
Spring Session $500 per credit
Room and Board (15 meal plan) $3,643 per semester
Room and Board (10 meal plan) $3,528 per semester
Housing Deposit $200 (one time charge)
Student Services Fee (Full-time) $585 (fall only charge)
Student Services Fee (Part-time) $335 (fall only charge)
Registration Fees  $20 (per semester)

Please note: some classes may entail lab fees. Book charges vary by course. 

To determine indirect costs, it is recommended (by the State of Michigan) that you allow $800 for books/supplies and $834 for travel expenses.