Building Connections: Lunch ’n Learn

December 21, 2014

For Kuyper’s Lunch ‘n Learn, about 35 youth pastors from the Grand Rapids area gathered in Kuyper’s West Dining Hall to listen to the feature speaker. A collaboration between Kuyper’s Youth Ministry Program and Enrollment Department, the Lunch ‘n Learn series are monthly get-togethers which have been held for the past four years as a way to bring youth pastors on Kuyper’s campus and introduce them with one another.

Beyond the knowledge shared each month by speakers, Lunch ‘n Learn provides opportunities for youth pastors in the Grand Rapids area to network with each other and with current Kuyper students who are interested in youth ministry.

For December’s gathering, the speaker was Clare De Graaf, author of The Ten-Second Rule. He shared the same premise that he discusses in his book: that we often have moments when God clearly presents an opportunity to obey Him, but ten seconds later we come up with an excuse to follow our own will, instead. De Graaf challenged the audience to obey God immediately in those moments before we decide to act rebelliously. He also shared some of his own journey toward an authentic faith. This journey included selling his manufacturing business at the age of 35 to work in ministry full-time by counseling other men.

Professor Brian Telzerow, director of Kuyper’s Youth Ministry program, believes that the Lunch ‘n Learn series will continue to create a pattern of community-building, where the students that participate will continue to seek out community wherever they go after graduation.