Alumni Update: Breanne Wainwright, class of 2013

February 18, 2015

Breanne (Kooi) Wainwright (2013) graduated from Kuyper with a degree in English Professional Studies and TESOL Certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). For the past six months, she has been working as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor in Dearborn, Michigan at ACCESS—the largest Arab American human services nonprofit in the United States. With eight locations and more than 100 programs serving metro Detroit, ACCESS offers a wide range of social, economic, health and educational services to a diverse population. Wainwright teaches English to a group of twenty to forty women four days a week in ACCESS' classrooms and at the Detroit Public Schools. Her students have a variety of reasons for learning English; some want to pursue college, others are studying for the citizenship exam, and still others want to be able to help their children with their homework.

The TESOL program at Kuyper provided Wainwright with a great deal of experience in ESL teaching before she even graduated. "Throughout my TESOL internship as an ESL Instructor, I was taught patience, flexibility, and the value of knowing that everyone's own life experiences are unique and should be treasured regardless of the language they speak," she said. Through the many classes on curriculum to the internship program, I felt as though I received a very well-rounded education that prepared me for any experiences that I may encounter while working in the ESL field." Her experience in the English Professional Studies program were also very valuable: "Through the numerous books we paged through in classes, I was able to experience different cultures and different ways of thinking that opened me up to the world I may not have seen any other way."