Agreement Paves Way for Fulfillment of God’s Call

December 3, 2015

BSHOP Director Ryan Waalkes with Kuyper President Dr. Nick Kroeze and Provost Dr. Patricia Harris.

Kuyper College and Bridge Street House of Prayer Mission School (BSHOP) have signed an articulation agreement, giving BSHOP students who chose to attend Kuyper full transfer credit for their one year of studies. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the BSHOP Mission School provides an eight month training program that prepares and releases young people into a life of missions. The agreement was the culmination of a year’s work between the two schools.

According to Kuyper College Provost, Dr. Patricia Harris, the partnership is a fit. “It just seemed like a natural progression to create this partnership,” she said. “By validating what BSHOP students are accomplishing in their training, we can provide them the opportunity to continue their education at Kuyper.”  Ryan Waalkes, Director of BSHOP agreed, calling the agreement a phenomenal opportunity for BSHOP students.  “At Kuyper they can continue the mission-focused one-year training they received with us, making it exponentially more effective for a life of effective missions.”

Besides Waalkes and Derek Sterenberg, Director of Youth Discipleship at BSHOP, and a 2008 Kuyper alumnus, Mission School students represented BSHOP at the signing. Kuyper representatives included the school’s President, Dr. Nicholas V. Kroeze; Kyle Wigboldy, Registrar; Dale Kuiper, Vice President for Enrollment Management; Luke Morgan, Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; Ken Capisciolto, Vice President for College Advancement and Dr. Harris.

Addressing the BSHOP students in attendance Dr. Kroeze spoke of the bond that joins them together. “Whatever we at Kuyper can do to affirm the call in your lives is very much what the mission of this institution is about,” he said. “Through knowledge training, experiences, and fellowship in the body, we realize that we are one in heart and spirit with you.”

Beyond the nature of the agreement, the signing brought Kuyper College and BSHOP Mission School’s Derek Sterenberg full circle.  Recalling his own days as a Kuyper student when the idea of the Mission School was in its infancy, Sterenberg said that God is really bringing something to fruition. “My hope is that as Kuyper College is focused on the Kingdom of Heaven and championing young people to engage the world, that students could follow that same path and really be sent out—not just from the Mission School but from Kuyper College—to be ambassadors of Christ in the world.”