Business Leadership—Triple Bottom Line Contest

May 14, 2015

This past March, 19 high school student teams competed in Kuyper College’s first Triple Bottom Line Business Idea Contest. Each team had the task of creating a business idea in the spirit of Christian entrepreneurship—ideas that met the three criteria that make up the “triple bottom line” of good entrepreneurship: profit (revenue), people (community betterment), and planet (environmental betterment).

The teams presented their ideas to a panel of five judges: Karla Velis, a student at Kuyper College and teacher’s assistant to the Business Leadership program; Tim Harris, a local sales executive; Rick Pulaski, Principal, Nederveld Corporation; Dr. Kai Ton Chau, who teaches accounting at Kuyper; and Marc Andreas, professor and Business Leadership Program Director at Kuyper.

The winners received cash prizes, and their schools received matching amounts. Taking first place and winning the $1000 prize was Adam Huizinga, a senior at The Potter’s House. His idea centered on generating electricity from physical fitness equipment and work-out gyms. Second place, and winning a $500 prize was A J Lindsay, a junior, also from The Potter’s House High School, who developed an idea to create an environmentally conscious and sustainable lawn business. Third place and winning a $250 prize, were sophomores Madison Kabot and Meklit Shonga of Wellspring Preparatory High School who presented an idea of a business that focused on the reuse of rainwater.

According to Marc Andreas, The Triple Bottom Line Contest is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to have the opportunity to begin learning about the principles behind business and Christian entrepreneurship and about business as a career and a Christian calling.

This year’s Triple Bottom Line contest was such a success that next year’s contest is set for March 2016 and open to all high school students.