Catalyst Leadership Experience

December 13, 2015

An exciting opportunity began this year for Kuyper Business Leadership students through a new class within the major, Catalyst Leadership Experience. What makes this class so unique is its central element—attending The Catalyst Conference, a large Christian leadership conference founded 15 years ago by John C. Maxwell, a leadership expert, trainer, author, and speaker, and Andy Stanley, an author, pastor, speaker, and founder of North Point Ministries, Inc.

Marc Andreas, Kuyper’s Assistant Professor of Business Leadership and Business Leadership Program Director, explained that the purpose of this event is “to inspire young leaders to improve their leadership capacity to help local churches in the US and around the world.” This year, joining over 8,000 other attendees, Professor Andreas and five Business Leadership students attended the conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Future Business Leadership students can look forward to this opportunity as well, as the Catalyst Leadership Experience class will be offered every other fall semester.