Kuyper College Responds to Changing Environment

March 13, 2015

For more than 76 years, Kuyper College has offered students a transformative Christian college education—one that prepares them for lives of leadership and service. Kuyper continues to remain true to the original ideals which compelled its founding in 1939, while the environment in which it operates continues to change.

The persistently shifting landscape in higher education, while very challenging, reinforces the belief that Kuyper’s institutional mission, while perpetually counter-cultural, continues to increase in relevance. The College is now making plans and preparations for the future—one which affirms a commitment to fulfill its mission, “equipping students with a biblical, Reformed worldview to serve effectively Christ’s church and His world,” and will further advance the existing vision and impact.

A significant part of this vision is the concept of “going deeper rather than broader.” This means concentrating on emphasizing and supporting programs that focus on ministry and service vocations. Over the past year, a review of programs was conducted with the goal of forming a plan for meeting current challenges, for positioning the College well to accomplish current program opportunities and to create a framework for what the future Kuyper College should look like.

As a result of the analysis and program reviews, and based on current and projected enrollment, the Board of Trustees gave approval for several program changes, effective June 30, 2015. These actions reinforce the College’s commitment to continue to build and sustain a community of Christian scholars equipped to bring God’s grace into today’s culture.

A document that provides a summary of strategic, organizational and program changes, along with their rationale, can be found here.