Kuyper's Annual Student Scholar Day

May 5, 2015

Perhaps one of the clearest expressions of the phrase which appears on Kuyper College’s seal, ora et labora (“pray and work”), is Student Scholar Day. This annual event highlights excellent research and performances undergirded by a Christian worldview and developed by Kuyper College students. This year’s activities, which took place in April, were no exception.

The day began with Honor’s Convocation—honoring graduates with awards celebrating personal excellence in their areas of study. It concluded with a “Common Grace” concert by the Kuyper College Choir which featured well-crafted songs from the culture at large, including numbers from Wicked and The Prince of Egypt, and original songs written by student Luke Carrig, performed in duet with class of 2015 graduate Marina Jones.

In between, there were 21 scholarly presentations on topics such as Biblical entrepreneurship (Sarah Yongo), evolutionary creationism (Lindsey Galle), and online speech communities (Erica Hall), as well as a Mozart violin concerto performed by Hyeon Chan Kim. Additionally, students presented research through eight poster presentations, on a variety of issues such as North Korea and Christianity (Jesslyn Bolthouse and Jaewon Park), poverty and crime (Omar Haynes), and Christianity in comic books (Kevin Kruizenga).

Through each of the academic presentations, Kuyper College’s 2015 Student Scholar Day provided a demonstration in action of the college’s purpose of “Bringing God’s grace into today’s culture!”

Select Scholar Day presentation can be seen on the Kuyper College Youtube channel, found here.