Leadership - What Cannot Be Taken Away

December 15, 2015

In late November, Carlos Hidalgo, founder and president of Hidalgo & DeVries Inc., spoke at the most recent Inspiring Leaders Luncheon to a group of Kuyper students, faculty, and staff. He spoke on the subject of transformational leadership and business, sharing lessons learned from his personal experience as a Christian seeking integrity while working in the business world. He sought to encourage the current and future business and other community leaders in attendance of the fundamentals of striving for excellence as a Christian leader through virtue and skill.  

Specifically, guided by his father’s wise words to him early in his life, Mr. Hidalgo emphasized that transformational leadership requires that a leader “firmly hold onto the possessions that cannot be taken away.” Such things as courage, honor, integrity, truth, and other related virtues, even “the capacity to think,” all of which cannot “be taken away from you unless you choose to give them away.” This has been a guiding principle throughout Mr. Hidalgo’s career as he has faced both the everyday challenges of organizational leadership and the complicated issues of ethical dilemmas as a Christian in the business world.

This most recent luncheon continued Kuyper’s monthly series of Inspiring Leaders Luncheons, designed to inspire students (and other Kuyper community members who wish to attend) through the speaking and testimony of Christian community and business leaders.   The series will continue next semester.