Student Government Serving the Student Community

February 22, 2015

At Kuyper, one of the key roles of Student Government is that of being a voice for students. It acts as one of several bridges between students and Kuyper's leadership, communicating the needs and wants and thoughts of the student body.

Kuyper's Student Government leadership is currently composed of President Jeremy Jensma, Vice President Hannah Boer, Senior Representative Eleanor Jefferson, Junior Representative Jelle Koersen, Sophomore Representative Hannah Boer, Freshman Representative Noah Matthysse, International Representative Josef Disby, Multicultural Representative Yanelis Castillo, Off-Campus Representative Andrew Mitchell, and Non-Traditional Student Representative Caleb Horton.

One of the ways that the Student Government leadership seek to hear issues from the student body as a whole is the monthly Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation—an informal forum where students are encouraged to stop by and have open discussions with the Student Government leadership about issues, wants and needs.

In return, Student Government is able to meet and share with Kuyper's leadership the major issues affecting the student body, as well as areas of concern.

Kuyper's leadership receives a fresh and clear information on how to best serve students. This information often results in decisions that benefit the whole campus.