Taste of Grand Rapids

September 18, 2015

This past week at the William & Martha DeWitt Student Center, welcomed more than 30 organizations and their display booths to the “Taste of Grand Rapids,” annual event at Kuyper College. Designed to inform the Kuyper student body to what is available in the City the booths represented assorted places and opportunities in Grand Rapids, including local churches, ministries, area businesses, public services, and various other organizations. Representatives at each booth explained what their particular organization had to offer while also providing informational literature, food and free giveaways. In the case of ministries, students learned how to get involved.

The annual event, purposely scheduled at the beginning of the school year, helps students connect to the greater Grand Rapids area organizations. In addition it affords students the opportunity find a church home while away from theirs, serve in local ministries and organizations, shop and utilize local businesses and services, all in the context of fun giveaways and food.