Inspiring Leaders Luncheon with Dr. Eric Hoogstra

October 10, 2016

“It’s really about influencing people,” said Eric Hoogstra about leadership.

For its October Inspiring Leaders Luncheon, Kuyper College hosted Dr. Eric Hoogstra, a clinical affiliate faculty at Grand Valley State University, an adjunct at Kuyper College, and an entrepreneur.

Hoogstra began by defining leaders as anyone who influences other people. He bemoaned the severe lack of leadership in the world today, and offered several keys to become a better leader.

Hoogstra said that a leader must be a person of strong ethical character, who does what is right, not what is popular. He shared stories of companies where an unethical decision cost the company severely.

He also focused on skills, saying that entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with people who have different skills from them. He used the example of himself, saying that he is very good at starting businesses, but he needs others to run their day to day tasks.

He encouraged the students in attendance to find their niche, saying, “Be an arrow, not a shotgun.” He said that when companies try to be good at many different things at once, they are good at none of them and will lose money. Instead, he encouraged students to find what they are good at and leave the things they aren’t good at to someone else.

Hoogstra also stressed the importance of entrepreneurs investing in their own growth, especially by always learning. He believes that a growing leader is essential to a growing business.

November’s Inspiring Leaders Luncheon, the last of the fall semester, will feature Pastor Artie Lindsay, from Tabernacle Community Church.