Kuyper College Presidential Search Enters New Phase

May 6, 2016

Survey Will Gather Information and Referrals Beginning May 10 

The Presidential Transition Team is pleased to announce that the search for Kuyper’s next leader has entered a new phase of the process. The Transition Team, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, has retained the services of search agency JobfitMatters (JFM). The JFM and Transition Teams have developed an electronic survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain input from college constituents on the desired characteristics of the next president and begin gathering referrals of potential candidates. At the end of this survey phase, the Transition Team will use the information provided to launch the official search for the next president of Kuyper College. 

The JFM team, consisting of Dr. Tommy Thomas, Laura Coverstone, and Ed Poff, was present on campus April 27-28 to conduct initial fact finding interviews. During their April visit, the JFM team met individually with the Transition team and key stakeholders and held group meetings (listening posts) with students, staff, and faculty. Twenty individual interviews were conducted by the JFM team with Transition team members, faculty department heads, vice presidents, Board Chair Jacque Bolt, and President Nick Kroeze. 

The Transition Team will work with  JFM to complete the survey and use the results to inform development of an Opportunity Profile for potential candidates. Also being developed is a   webpage dedicated to the search and transition process to help keep the community informed.

The electronic survey will be sent out via email to all college constituents (students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, trustees, and donors) on or around May 10. If you would prefer a paper survey or if your email address is not on file with Kuyper College, please contact the Advancement Office by calling 877-229-0941 or emailing ptt@kuyper.edu. Please prayerfully and thoughtfully complete the survey as soon as possible after you receive it. Your answers are very important and will help to purposefully lead the College into this exciting new era of leadership. 

Please contact the Transition Team with any questions at ptt@kuyper.edu.