Malamiah Juice Bar

March 31, 2016

The Kuyper College community heard from Jermale and Anissa Eddie during the most recent Inspiring Leaders Series Luncheon. Owners of the Malamiah Juice Bar.  The Eddies shared their story of God’s leading them down the unexpected journey of starting a community-focused local business keying on health. Together, the Eddies have watched God provide through their hard work and in unexpected and even miraculous ways.

Named after the Eddies’ three sons—Malachi, Nehemiah, and Josiah—the Malamiah Juice Bar is located in the Grand Rapids Downtown Market—a culinary and food lover’s dream-place.  It’s a business that made the couple what Jermale calls “entrePRAYneurs,” which he defines as “a person who answers God’s calling to start a business and is willing to risk loss in order to expand God’s kingdom.”  And he explained that this requires service-oriented business leadership rooted in building God’s kingdom.

Anissa said that it was a needed career change for Jermale, who had a hobby for juicing and an “entrepreneurial spirit.” This combination led her to encourage him to start the business.  Soon, the Lord had them both involved, working as a couple and business team to offer something great to the community by offering juice as a healthy choice for families.  Anissa was even able to use her social work background in helping build this social enterprise.

In fact, social enterprise is key to their business.  The Malamiah Juice Bar has its foundation in
the word J. U. I. C. E.  Each letter of this acronym stands for a business principle:

Joyful—We create an environment that prioritizes happiness and fun!

Understanding—We meet you where you are and partner with you to pursue holistic wellness.

Intentional—We're passionate about sustainability for the planet and the greater community.

Community—We partner with community organizations to promote healthy living and youth employment.

Excellence—We hold our products to the highest standards using organic produce and operating with integrity.

Besides sharing their experience and insights on running a Christ-centered business, the Eddies shared free samples of their delicious juices with those in attendance.