Students and Service

September 14, 2016

Orientation Week at Kuyper College is designed to welcome incoming students and help them in transitioning to college life. But it is more than that; it also introduces them to an important part of Kuyper life: service.

On the Saturday morning of Orientation week, the freshman class and several faculty and staff members from Kuyper picked up trash from stretches of road adopted by the College. The purpose, explained Curt Essenburg, Kuyper’s Director of Student Life is threefold.

“First,” Essenburg made it clear that in engaging the larger Grand Rapids community in service points, introduces students to the realities of serving Christ, by serving others. “These exercises,” he said, “will cause students to think more often and more deeply about the true meaning and motives behind serving. “Even in the opening weeks of school, we want to cultivate an outward focus in Kuyper students,” he added.

Second, Essenburg, pointed out, the project helps students get to know Grand Rapids as a city. “Some Kuyper students live in the immediate area, but many come from far outside Grand Rapids and often need help finding their way around,” he said.

Third, Essenburg believes that the service project can become a shared experience that bonds the group together and allows them to strengthen their relationships. “The whole orientation week, in fact, is filled with activities designed to bring the incoming students closer together.”