2017 Faculty and Alumni Scholar Day

October 11, 2017

Friday, October 6, marked one of the annual fall semester highlights of Kuyper College fall academics—the Faculty and Alumni Scholar Day.

Throughout the morning, professors, staff members, and Kuyper alumni offered presentations stemming from their realm of expertise. Students and guests were able to attend sessions on a wide variety of topics, ranging from civil disobedience (“When is Civil Disobedience Allowed for the Christian?”, Greg Scott, Professor of Social Work) and linguistics (“Language and Power in the Ivory Tower: A Review of Thomas Wolfe’s The Kingdom of Speech”. Andrew Zwart, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Academic Support), to economics (“Abraham Kuyper and the Origin, Essence, and Goal of Business and Economics”, Jordan Ballor, Professor for Business Leadership) and sexuality (“Worlds Apart? James Brownson and the Sexual Diversity of the Greco-Roman World”, Dr. Branson Parler, Professor of Theological Studies).

Naomi Sponable, a Kuyper College alum and now a professional counselor and therapist, presented her research on the necessity of integrating mental health in public schools. She began by stating, “When I came to Kuyper as a freshman studying educational ministries, my first class was Psychology 101. Now here I am in that exact room, talking about education and mental health at the same time. I love this.” She went on to discuss the very real needs she encounters on a daily basis, and cast a vision for mentorship and practical investment in the psychological health of teens.

The morning of celebrating scholarship was brought to a close by presenters and attendees sharing a meal together.