Global Awareness and Advocacy Day

December 21, 2017

Muslim Perspectives on LGBT+, Adoption in Russia, and Immigrant Trafficking in the U.S.—just some of the topics presented on during the 4th annual Global Awareness and Advocacy Day held on Kuyper’s campus on December 6th. For the final day of Intercultural Week, students from a wide variety of disciplines created posters exploring themes pertaining to intercultural engagement, global justice issues, and international marketing strategies.

In the short walk between Vos Chapel and the second-floor atrium, insights could be gained into the intricacies of Islamic art, the recently inaugurated “Nomad Games” of Kyrgyzstan, Muslim women who have championed the social justice arena, and prison conditions in Brazil.

Kuyper President, Patti Harris engaged with each presentation, and afterwards commented, “I appreciate the excellent work [each student] put into research, poster designs, and presentations. [They] helped all of us be more globally aware and consider how we can be advocates for others.
Well done!”