Kuyper Movie Night - Silence

February 2, 2017

On Tuesday, January 24, Kuyper College held the first of four movie and discussion nights slated for this semester. The movie of choice was Silence, a story about Jesuit missionaries traveling to Japan and dealing with intense persecution. After the movie, students and staff spent time discussing the film. Mike McCarty, Kuyper Resident Director led the time of discussion.

"The weight of the film and the story seemed to burden everyone in the room," said McCarty. “The contrast in cinematography between beautiful landscapes and gruesome torture was startling, and many wondered how the film could be used in a missional way.”

McCarty also said that some also wondered how they themselves would bear up under such intense persecution. “This led to a discussion of the Donatist controversy, or the way in which the church treats Christians who while under persecution deny Christ.”

Kuyper students and staff will view three more films this year: I Am Not Your Negro, The Shack, and The Case For Christ.