Kuyper's New Ministry Leadership Program

June 26, 2017

Kuyper’s New Ministry Leadership Program

Kuyper College will launch a new Ministry Leadership program in the fall of 2017. Developed by a faculty and administration planning team and approved by the Board of Trustees, the integrated program will provide a strong set of skills and competencies across all areas of ministry, preparing students to successfully meet the demands of today’s expanding ministry environments. This program includes such courses as Foundations of Ministry, Leadership and Administration, Relational Ministry, Issues in Ministry, Introduction to Missions, and Islamics. With the integration of classroom learning with real life ministry experience, a hallmark of Kuyper’s praxis-based approach, all Ministry Leadership students will also participate in a 3-credit practicum and 3-credit supervised internship.

Areas of Program Specialization

In addition to the new Ministry Leadership program, the College will be offering a variety of program specialization areas to provide a “flexible focus” for every student. Students in all Kuyper degree programs will be able to select program specializations in areas such as Youth Ministry, Biblical Greek, Intercultural Studies, Human Services, Leadership, and Social Media and Marketing that will deepen and expand their major programs. Flexibility is a key feature of these specializations, for students can choose specialized areas that fit their vocational goals.

Bible, Theology and Arts & Sciences Core

In addition, all programs affirm the values that a Kuyper education enables students to develop academically, spiritually, socially, and morally into Christ-centered leaders. The College programs will continue to require students to complete a robust, 21-credit offering of Bible and theology courses as well as 33 credits of relevant and praxis-based arts and sciences courses. Newly approved revisions to the Arts and Sciences core include a required social science research course for all students so they can understand and apply appropriate and viable research methodologies in their areas of study. Additionally, all students will be required to take Human Diversity and Intercultural Communication to learn how to engage people and cultures with respect and discernment.

According to Dr. Patricia Harris, Kuyper’s Provost, the faculty and staff of Kuyper are excited about the changes in curriculum. "These changes will enable our students to be better prepared as professional leaders in areas of ministry and service,” she said. “Within the context of our professional programs, we keep the Bible central, Reformed theology as our core, and a spiritual dynamic on campus that invigorates our daily experience.”