Solitude Retreat

November 30, 2017

“It can be so helpful to sit, rest, and reflect on who God is and how he is working without distractions,” said April Sparks, Spiritual Life Campus Intern at Kuyper, and coordinator of the Solitude Retreat Held on Kuyper’s campus on November 18th.


Sparks worked with Mrs. Wendy Fisher, adjunct professor of Worship and Theology, and trained Spiritual Director, to design a five-hour block of time on a Saturday afternoon for members of the Kuyper community and local church bodies to corporately practice the spiritual discipline of solitude.


After sharing a meal and a brief introduction and overview of the purpose of practicing solitude, participants dispersed throughout the campus to spend time alone in prayer and worship. Resources such as hymnals, prayer guides, or outlets for artistic expression were made available. Some individuals walked the trails, while others claimed an empty classroom or went up to their office or dorm room as their place of retreat. Following the few designated hours for solitude, participants gathered together for a time of sharing, singing, and prayer.


The next solitude retreat is being planned for the winter semester. If you are interested in participating with your church, youth group, or small group, contact April Sparks at