Youth Ministry Lunch n' Learn - Steve Biondo

February 27, 2017

"We're at war," said Steve Biondo. The board member for the Dominican Republic Operations of Destiny Rescue spoke to Kuyper students and youth workers at the monthly Youth Ministry Lunch n' Learn.

The first word he emphasized was courage. "Courage makes a difference but it has to be summoned," he said. He told a story from his own life to bring home the point.

He and others were to board a flight on a planned visit to members of a very rough gang in the Dominican. The threat of a hurricane cancelled the visit, but Biondo decided to board the plane anyway.

The storm didn't materialize, and he arrived on time. While there, he was able to help in a situation unrelated to his intended task. A remote village had agreed to listen to the gospel message in exchange for seed to help with a famine. Biondo helped arrange the purchase of the seed, and as a result many of the villagers gave their lives to Christ.

"If I hadn't boarded that airplane, none of that would have happened," Biondo said.

Biondo also emphasized the reason that Christians need courage: evil. He met with the gang leaders, and was appalled by their "ferocious" evil. “These men fought with rival gangs and murdered children casually, he said.” Biondo met one of their victims in prison: a young girl named Victoria. “She had lived as a prostitute for the gang before being arrested for murder. God used his ferocious kindness and love to bring her to Christ as well.”