• Cobey

    Grand Rapids, MI. "Kuyper is a life changing experience where I can focus on my studies and enjoy basketball.” 
  • David

    West Sayville, NY. “My time at Kuyper has provided me with the necessary means to live out a Christ centered life.” 
  • Sharon

    Cebu City, Philippines "Kuyper is providing me with a quality education and reinforcing my faith with its guidance and supportive community." 
  • Welcome to Kuyper College  

    At Kuyper College, students find one of the most outstanding values in Christian higher education today. The best of academic and spiritual education is combined with a passion for awakening students to the need of possessing a solid biblical worldview. Within a welcoming community, Kuyper students develop professional skills and acquire experience that equips them for service to God and His kingdom.  

    Get to know Kuyper College as exciting changes continue to happen on our campus and in our programs.

Student Spotlight

Cobey Bussey Small
Cobey Bussey
Grand Rapids, MI
Class of 2016



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