Specializations can be added to most Kuyper programs. Personalize your program by adding one or more of these program elements. Each specialization is 12 credit hours.

Dive into the original language of the New Testament and earn advanced standing at several prominent seminaries. This minor enables you to read the New Testament in Greek. The sequence introduces the foundational vocabulary, grammar, and literary features used by the New Testament writers so that you can better understand, interpret, and communicate the message of God’s Word. You will be able to address questions related to the nature of the Bible, the history of the original-language text, and various approaches used for translation.

This minor consists of four (5) courses:

  • Linguistics 
  • New Testament Greek I
  • New Testament Greek II
  • New Testament Greek Exegesis I
  • New Testament Greek Exegesis II

Impact today’s culture with the ever-changing industry of social media. You’ll learn valuable skills in using and evaluating media and marketing from a biblical Reformed worldview. You will have an opportunity to become certified in social media through a recognized industry leader: Hootsuite.

Requires five (5) courses:

  • Social Media Management
  • Intro. to Business & Leadership*
  • Marketing and Sales*
  • Global Business Environment
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Research
  • Communication in the Age of Social Media
  • Interpersonal & Group Communication

*If this course is required for the student's major, it cannot be used for the minor. Consult with your advisor and the Registrar.  

Shape future leaders for the kingdom of God by impacting the current youth culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ through intentional relationships that embody truth and love.  The youth ministry minor is designed to specifically meet the your passion and purpose for ministry and equip you to serve effectively in a youth ministry context.

Requires five (5) courses:

  • Introduction to Missions*
  • Ministry Leadership Internship II
  • Pastoral Care with Adolescents
  • Youth Ministry in the Urban Setting
  • Christian Camping & Retreats
  • Advanced Teaching and Communication Skills for Ministry*
  • Contemporary Youth Culture

* If this course is required for the student’s major, it cannot be used for the minor. Consult wih your advisor and the Registrar.